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VSHJ Tikkun Olam Event on Sunday, December 7th

When:  Sunday, December 7th from 2:00 to 4:00 pm

Where: Jewish Community Centre Of Victoria, 3636 Shelbourne Street

Penny Tennenhouse of Avodah will be talking about the central importance of tikkun olam to Jewish life and how the Avodah group in Victoria offers us the opportunity to create mitzvoth in our own community.

According to Jewish scholar Dr. Lawrence Fine, the first use of the phrase tikkun olam in modern Jewish history in the United States was by Brandeis-Bardin Camp Institute founder Shlomo Bardin in the 1950s. Bardin interpreted the Aleinu prayer, as a responsibility for Jewish people to work towards a better world. As left-leaning progressive Jewish organizations started entering the mainstream in the 1970s and 1980s, the phrase tikkun olam began to gain more traction. The phrase has since been adopted by a variety of Jewish organizations, to mean anything from direct service to general philanthropy. For some Jews, the phrase tikkun olam means that Jews are not only responsible for creating a model society among themselves but also are responsible for the welfare of the society at large. This responsibility may be understood in religious, social or political terms and there are many different opinions about how religion, society, and politics interact.

Penny will show us what Avodah is doing in Victoria with words and a slide show and how we could become involved as individuals and as a group in repairing our corner of the world.

Everyone is welcome.